"A house is a machine for living in"

Le Corbusier

The homes we live in are probably the most valuable asset we have. It therefore makes sense to look after them as well as possible and keep them in good order. As the architect Le Corbusier said “A house is a machine for living in”.

As well as keeping your house in good running order it is important to take all possible steps before buying your new house to ensure that it is in good order or to find out what works you might have to carry out after you buy it. The way to do that is to have a pre-purchase survey carried out by a Chartered Surveyor. Once you have discovered what problems the house might have, remedial action can be planned and approximate costs estimated. It might then be possible to reflect these costs in your negotiations on purchase price.

Can we help?

    Colt House Expertise

    Richard Copland has extensive knowledge of the timber framed and cedar clad houses and bungalows manufactured by Colt Houses Ltd. These buildings are still built and maintained by Colt from their facility in Woodchurch in Kent.

    Congratulations to our friends at Colt Houses who have traded in excess of 100 years.

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    Operating mainly in Kent, Surrey and Sussex Richard A Copland advise on everything from ancient buildings such as Wealden hall houses right through to newly built houses including any timber framed buildings.

    A speciality is the timber framed and cedar clad houses and bungalows manufactured by Colt Houses Ltd. Whilst these have always been produced in this area they are spread throughout the UK (and beyond) and for these we are prepared to travel for the survey since expertise and experience in this sector is clearly limited.