What is a House inventory?

This is a document which is lists the contents of a property and records the condition of the property. This document is designed to help monitor the condition of a property and /or items prior to when a tenant moves in and just before a tenant leaves, so it is clear what damages, if any,  need to be paid for out of a the deposit. This is a very important part of making sure that whoever is renting your property there is a record before and after.

A house inventory is also a very useful document if you are the owner of several homes, workout of the country and return occasionally. Its a record of your home or family’s home contents/condition.

Our Inventory clerk prepares the inventory document, it is agreed with the incoming tenant on move in day. The landlord/Agent/Tenant all sign the inventory and initial each page to confirm the agreement. Photographs are used with some agreements. On move-out day the Landlord/Inventory clerk should do a final inventory check. The inventory must be checked and agreed with the tenant before a deposit is returned,

  • This provides evidence of Condition at check in
  • Evidence of Condition at check out
  • Evidence of cost to repair/replace

We will discuss in more detail this document at the time of booking. Fees vary according to the type of property, size, value and location.

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