Pre-purchase surveys

If you are buying a house, you should seriously consider having a survey carried out. This will inform you of the condition of the property you are proposing to buy and will draw shortcomings to your attention enabling you to make an informed decision and perhaps to re- negotiate the purchase price. We operate mainly in the area of Kent and Sussex except in the case of Colt properties. Surveys of these are one of our specialities and we will travel further afield for those. Please see below.

Serious decay of mortar joints and crumbling brick faces caused by leaking gutters or salt crystallisation.

Survey of Condition

This type of survey is suitable for the majority of properties built between the late 19th century and the present day. The form of report has been devised by us and is based on a detailed inspection of all the parts of the building which are accessible to the surveyor. The report is clear and informative and includes a summary of the items requiring attention. An insurance reinstatement valuation is also included.

Building Survey

For a period property or one which is very dilapidated or of complex construction, a Building Survey is recommended. Once again, this is a detailed inspection of all accessible parts of the building but the report goes into more detail about individual parts of the building. It is in the nature of old buildings that there are different types of window, different types of ceiling etc. in the various rooms and these often require reporting individually. In the case of either type of survey, comments on the services are included after a cursory inspection but the testing of services is a specialist matter and tests have to be arranged separately. We can advise on this.

Once again, an insurance reinstatement valuation is included.

We constantly aim to provide a truly personal service and you may well get our answering service if we are out of the office or busy on another call. We invite you to leave a telephone message, with your contact number and we will respond swiftly to your message. We will then call you to take further information on the property you are interested in and provide a quote for the survey required.

Fees vary according to the type, size, value and location of the property and this will be covered at the time of taking your initial instruction.

Our surveys are usually turned around within 4 working days from the appointment time to receiving your report.