Expert witness services

This covers any aspect of property matters where there may be a dispute between you and your neighbour or a builder and which might end up with legal action. The two most common disputes we deal with are boundary disputes and building disputes.

Boundary Disputes

These arise when two neighbours disagree about the correct position of a boundary. They are notoriously difficult, and expensive, to resolve especially if a legal action is brought by either side. Good advice from an experience surveyor at the initial stage can sometimes avoid the need for lengthy, expensive and often fruitless actions. If such action cannot be avoided, then we can help with the proceedings by acting on your behalf and producing the reports in the form which courts require and, if necessary, we will appear in court to give evidence also. Naturally, you would also require the services of a solicitor and we are happy to work with the lawyers in order to get the best result for you.

Building Disputes

Despite everyone’s best endeavours, building works sometimes go wrong. Perhaps work is badly carried out or not completed or perhaps the cost goes vastly over-budget because of a mis-understanding between client and builder and the matter has to be resolved. There are various dispute resolution methods from simple negotiations right up to legal action. We can assist with inspecting the works and preparing reports to assist with resolving the dispute as soon as possible.